Activity-based Courses 活動課程

Activity-based Courses includes a whole series of activities, experiments, projects and camps for those who love science and technology. It will help them discover real-life applications and is sure to inspire further investigation of the sciences.


Science Exploration | 小小科學家

Minecraft Creator | Minecraft 程式員

3D Roblox Studio | 3D Roblox工作室

Cooking Master | 『生活技能大訓練』 入廚基礎班

Animal Welfare Ambassador | 動物大使

Day out | 郊遊樂

Overnight Tented Camp (2 days, 1 night) | 挑戰營 (兩日一夜)

Fun with Camping (3 days, 2 nights) | 探險隊 (三日兩夜)