Reading Room

Reading Room | 自主閱讀



This course is designed to enhance young learners’ reading and listening skills by using resources from the Posties eLearning zone. The teacher will keep children engaged during classes with active learning methods and varied daily themes, making use of guided reading, interactive games and exercises to ensure each class is lively and interesting. The course will:

  • Inspire active learning and arouse interest in reading
  • Enhance reading and listening skills to encourage involvement
  • Build vocabulary for children moving up to Primary level

讓小朋友透過Posties電子學習平台進行互動學習,增強他們的閱讀和聆聽能力。導師會以日常生活為題,以指導性閱讀(Guided reading)、問答及互動遊戲,提升小朋友學習興趣。

  • 沉浸於英語語境下,有助提升幼兒的語言發展
  • 建立強大的詞彙庫,為升小作好準備
  • 提升閱讀及聆聽能力,促進小朋友自主學習

Course Details 活動詳情


AC5RB1   AM 7- 28 Nov ( Sat; 4 days)

AC5RB2   AM 5 Dec - 9 Jan ( Sat; 4 days)


AC5RB1, AC5RB2  AM 10:00-11:00

Price: HK$1200
費用: 港幣1,200元
Class Size: 4-6
班級人數: 4-6
Course Module:

online lesson