English Enhancement

English Enhancement | 全方位英語課程



Level E 

Co-organised with Basicful, this regular course aims to enhance students overall English proficiency by reinforcing their understanding of essential grammar rules, building the skills to tackle various reading comprehension tasks, and developing creative writing. The course ensures children can deal with different types of question and apply their skills with confidence in school exams. Participants will:

  • Master reading comprehension skills, grammar rules and sentence structure
  • Develop writing skills with interesting content and structured paragraphs
  • Apply creative thinking to improve their stories with the teacher’s guidance

Level E

此課程是與Basicful合辦的常規延續性課程,著重教授學生英文文法法則、閱讀理解及創意寫作技巧。以先認識後練習的互動的教學模式,提升學習興趣 ;課程緊貼學校課程內容,導師亦會教授學生應試技巧,令他們熟習考試常見的題型,自信地應付各項評估。

  • 熟習閱讀理解,如英文文法法則、句式結構及應用技巧
  • 學習創意寫作,如文體分析、構思內容及組織段落的技巧
  • 建立創意思維以撰寫文章,依導師指導建構文章及改善寫作技巧

Course Details 活動詳情


AC10GA1   AM 7- 28 Nov ( Sat; 4 days)

AC10GA2   AM 5 Dec - 9 Jan ( Sat; 4 days)


AC10GA1, AC10GA2   AM 11:15-12:15

Price: HK$1300
費用: 港幣1300元
Class Size: 4-6 students
班級人數: 每班4-6人
Course Module:

online lesson