Smart Learner Programmes透過跨學科的綜合課程及活動為小朋友提供全人教育,重點培訓他們的語文能力、創意思維、正向態度、以及兼備廿一世紀不可或缺的知識技能。


  1. 獲得跨學科知識:英語和STEM
  2. 提升他們的英語技巧和溝通能力
  3. 通過活動發展社交,人際關係和團隊協作能力
  4. 培養創造力,批判性思維,解難能力和領袖才能

Smart Learner Programmes提供以下類型的課程:

  1. 英語會話
  2. 英語寫作
  3. 英語閱讀與理解
  4. 英語辯論
  5. STEM和編碼
  6. 領導才能
  7. 生活技能

早鳥優惠 : 凡於10月30日前成功報讀$2000或以的課程可獲$100書券或6個月免費使用Posties電子學習平台

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Our Smart Learner Programmes provide children with holistic education through integrated, multi-disciplinary lessons and activities. Participants will develop language proficiency, a creative mindset, a positive attitude, plus knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century.

Tailored for children aged 5 to 12 and helping them to: 

  1. Acquire learning and greater knowledge of English and STEM subjects
  2. Improve all-round literacy and communication skills in English
  3. Develop social, interpersonal and teamwork skills through activities
  4. Nurture creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills

The Programmes offer a wide range of courses: 

  1. English Speaking
  2. English Writing
  3. English Reading and Comprehension
  4. English Debating
  5. STEM and Coding
  6. Leadership
  7. Life Skills

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