Posties Journalism Workshop

Posties Journalism Workshop | Posties小記者

Ages 10-13


Kids will take on the roles of reporter and writer, acquiring the skills needed to put together news stories, take impactful photos, conduct interviews and do background research. They will also meet a real reporter so they can discover more about what the day-to-day role involves. This 8-hour workshop will develop better English writing and communication skills, and help in picking up the approach and outlook needed to think and work like a true journalist.

  • Learn essential writing, reporting and research skills
  • Experience what it takes to work as a journalist
  • The best stories will be published in Posties


For any journalist, writing a well-structured news article involves information gathering, problem solving and much else. Kids will have the chance to learn what’s required and then put their own skills to good use.

  • 5Ws and H, the fundamental questions when writing a news article
  • Learn how to structure a well written story
  • Develop headline, lead sentences, topic and tone
  • Acquire other skills such as taking photos and writing captions
  • Conduct interview with a guest speaker, a professional in the field  of journalism


  • 學習寫作和報導技巧
  • 變身小記者,體驗採訪工作
  • 部分傑出新作品,將於Posties刊出


  • 5W和H,這是每個記者的基本概念
  • 學習新聞內容結構
  • 為文章制定標題、副標題、線索、正文和結尾
  • 掌握其他技能:如拍照、採訪和報告
  • 有機會接觸專業新聞從業員,探索傳媒工作者的日常

Course Details 活動詳情


EM10JA: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between 18 May and 3 June (total 8 lessons)


EM10JA: 5月18日至6月3日, 逢星期一,三和五 (共8節)


4:00pm to 5:00pm



Price: HK$2,400
費用: 港幣2,400元
Language: English
教學語言: 英語
Class Size: 10 students
班級人數: 每班10人