The Posties Summer Finale is back!  Each camper has the chance to focus on one of the following skills: English drama, speech, journalism, anchoring or film making. At the end of the week, they will use these skills to play their part in a putting on a show which involves performances, live reporting and on-stage hosting of the event!

Posties暑假夏日舞台回來了! 夏令營設有英語話劇、廣播、演講、新聞學及製片五個主修範疇。小小學員完成課程後,將於活動尾聲齊集一起,一同製作一齣精彩舞台劇,一力包辦演出、現場報道以至主持工作,學以致用!

Outstanding Performer | 舞台表演者

Top Anchor | 最佳小司儀

Best Journalist | 出色小記者

Film Maker | 專業小導演