POSTIES夏令營 2020常見問題


Q: How can I see camp/class availability? 

A: Parents can check the class/camp availability by clicking into specific class  on the Posties Summer Camp webpage . 

問: 我怎麼能夠查看課程還有沒有名額?

答: 當家長登入Posties夏令營的網站並選擇個別課程查看課程是否滿額。

Q: What will I receive before the camp commences?
A: Around 2 weeks before the commencement of the camp, parents will receive a consent form from us, detailing the things parents and children need to pay attention to during the camp.  



Q: I already submitted the application and received a confirmation email. Does this mean the application is successful?
A: No.  The email is just to acknowledge the receipt of your application. Another confirmation email will be sent separately once the place is secured. Due to popular demand, the course chosen might be full. In that case, parents will be notified as soon as possible for other options.



Q: Am I allowed to make any changes (eg. a change of class) after submitting the application of summer camp?

A: No. Once the application is submitted, there are no further changes allowed.



Q. What happens if my children suddenly cannot participate or decide to cancel his/her place?

A: There will be no refund if they cannot attend the class unless proof/evidence is provided (such as travel documents, doctor’s appointment). Despite this, Posties Summer Camp will do our best to reschedule the participant into the similar class/camp  in other time periods. In the event of a medical emergency/sickness, the participant will receive a refund for the absent days in two months’ time. 



Q: Do I have to pay extra for insurance?
A: No. The fee already covers the insurance for children. Third-party insurance and accident insurance are included as well. 




Q: Can parents join or sit aside any activities in the camp?

A: Parents are not allowed to stay in the classroom and accompany to the outing. If they have any safety concerns, we can put them into remarks and inform the teachers or trainers. Parents are only allowed to escort their children to the pick-up/drop-off point. 



Q: How can parents contact their children during camping?

A: The camp aims to hone participant’s independence and leadership skills; therefore it is not suggested for children to bring or use their mobile phones in camp/classes. However, staff members will send regular updates  via a Whatsapp group to parents of  the Young Leader series. 


答:Posties夏令營旨在提升孩子們的領袖才能和獨立性,因此我們不建議孩子在課程/日營期間使用或攜帶手提電話等物品。不過,Posties 夏令營職員會為參加小領袖系列的家長創立一個Whatsapp群組,並會在日營期間定期更新消息。

Q: Should parents prepare extra clothing for children participating in outdoor leadership camps?

A: Yes, they should. Children may engage in water-based activities or activities under hot weather conditions which may make them sweat. Extra clothes are suggested to be prepared  for change. The proper dress code for the camp is casual and sportswear. 



Q: Will Posties Summer Camp take care of my kid’s belongings?

A: Participants are suggested not to bring along valuable items to attend the camp/class. They should take care of their own belongings during the camp/ class. Posties Summer Camp will not be responsible for any loss or damage.



Q: Can Posties Summer Camp arrange special grouping for my child with a particular child?

A: We can put special grouping request(s) into consideration but we cannot guarantee. The final grouping decision will be decided by the trainers.  Besides, we encourage participants to be more independent in camp or classes and they have chances to  meet new friends. 



Q: Are the teachers foreigners? 

A: All classes will be taught in English except for Young Leader series camps which will be taught by Cantonese instructors. 


答:除小領袖系列日營以外,所有 Posties夏令營的導師都會以英語進行教學。

Q: How are meals arranged for classes and camps? 

A: Posties Summer Camp will not provide lunch for all classes regardless if they are AM or PM classes. If children participate in both AM and PM classes consecutively, parents are still responsible for their meal arrangements. 

However, Posties will provide breakfast, lunch and/or dinner for participants of Young Leader series camps. If participants have special dietary requests, we can put them into remarks and try our best to accommodate. 



Q: For overnight camps, how will boys and girls be organised for their sleeping arrangement? 

A: For overnight camps, separate showers, toilet, and sleeping facilities are provided. Each tent will house three participants and genders will be separated. 



Q: Are there any safety equipment for children for STEM/science classes?

A: Normally participants do not need the safety equipment, but if there’s any experiment with safety concerns, suitable safety equipment will be provided for all participants. 



Q: What is the camp policy for special weather conditions? 

A:  For outdoor camps, if typhoon signal No.3 or Red Rainstorm Warning Signal or above is hoisted, the camp will be cancelled and rearranged. However, if students cannot attend the make-up class, there will be no refund.

For indoor classes, if typhoon signal No.8 or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal or above is hoisted, 10:00am), the classes will be cancelled and makeup class will be arranged. However, if students cannot attend the make-up class, there will be no refund.

 The rescheduled date will be decided by Posties Summer Camp. If there is a prolonged interruption, the camps and classes will be rescheduled with no extra cost. 


答:若天文台懸掛三號颱風信號或紅雨警告,所有戶外日營將會立即停止和改期; 若天文台懸掛八號颱風或黑雨警告,室內進行的課程將會立即停止並改期,改期日子將由Posties夏令營決定。 如果Posties夏令營面臨持續中斷,活動將更改日期舉行並不設任何附加費。如參加者不能出席補堂,將不獲任何退款。

Q: In light of COVID-19, what is Posties Summer Camp’s policy regarding potential outbreaks?

A: The programme arrangement may change according to the latest advice and guidelines provided by the Education Bureau. In the event that the camps, classes, or workshops must be cancelled due to government requirements relating to COVID-19 or other issues, Posties Summer Camp will consider postponing or adapting the programme and delivering it online.



Q: How will Posties Summer Camp keep the venue clean? 

A: Posties Summer Camp will instruct all on-site staff to undergo a full sanitisation process everyday prior to the arrival of participants and after their departure. 



Q: How will Posties Summer Camp ensure the health and safety of its participants? 

A: Firstly, we encourage parents to ensure the well-being of their children before they arrive at classes/camp by checking if they have respiratory symptoms like coughing, sneezing, fever or general signs of sickness. Secondly, Posties Summer Camp will perform temperature checks for all arriving participants but will not supply face masks. Thirdly, masks will be required for all classes/camps except water activities and the final performance. Lastly, if children have respiratory symptoms during the camp/ class, our staff will attempt to contact their parents/guardians as soon as possible. In any case they cannot be reached, children will be treated or hospitalized by a licensed physician or hospital selected by SCMP.




Q: Will Posties Summer Camp share the photos from the camp?

A: We will take photos during the camp and will upload them to a share drive. Parents will receive the link to view the photos in early September. Posties Summer Camp reserves the right to utilize the photos for promotional and/or publicity purposes in the future.