Scientists Love Xmas

Scientists Love Xmas | 科普聖誕

Ages 9-12


Campers will conduct experiments and tests to understand key scientific principles.  All the activity-based sessions, with winter-related themes, are carefully designed to encourage campers to think creatively and analytically.

Explore the winter holidays with our magical science tours. Everything is more exciting if you know the science behind it!

Day One:

  •  Explore dancing coloured flames: Experiment by burning different chemicals and see which colours appear.
  • Create a mystery soap bubbler: Investigate the most fun ways to create bubbles.
  •  Create plastic ornaments and use heat to make a Xmas drawing: Materials react to changing temperature making it possible to create great ornaments.

Day Two:

  • Create a Xmas sugar cane: Learn about crystals and make a Xmas sugar cane.
  • Design and construct a small snowman bot: Make a mini robot which can balance and move around.
  • Create a gingerbread maze : Design and control how things can move around.

Class arrangements during Covid-19 restrictions

This class has been changed to real-time online mode as the Education Bureau confirmed to suspend face-to-face classes and activities for private schools offering a non-formal curriculum (commonly known as "tutorial schools"). The date and time of our classes will remain the same.




  • 探索舞動的彩色火焰:燃燒不同的化學物質,了解顏色如何顯現
  • 創建一個神秘的肥皂泡: 研究泡泡如何有趣地創造和創造泡泡
  • -製造聖誕飾物:塑料會隨溫度發生反應,用這種化學反應來製造飾物。


  • 製造聖誕糖果:了解水晶並製造聖誕糖果
  • 設計和製造雪人機器人:製作一個微型機器人,使其平衡並四處走動。
  • 製造薑餅迷宮: 設計迷宮,以自己的方式控制事物移動


Course Details 活動詳情


SM9SE   AM 17-18 DEC 

SM9SG  PM 29-30 DEC 


SM9SE   1000-1300

SM9SG  1400-1700

Price: $980
費用: $980
Language: English
教學語言: 英語
Class Size: 6 students
班級人數: 每班6人
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