Roblox in Winter

Roblox in Winter | 虛擬聖誕

Ages 8-12


Beginner Level: Game Design and Development (Ages: 8-10)

Why play Roblox when you can build and program a Roblox game? This camp will teach participants how to script and create their very own Roblox games, through both a syntax-based and a drag-and-drop coding approach. Students can choose the approach they feel most comfortable with. They will also learn about programming concepts like methods, loops, objects, properties and more from a game development perspective. The course also assists the transition from a graphical programming language to syntax-based programming.

● Get familiar with creating games in Roblox

● Learn programming fundamentals through Lua (block-based)

● Apply game design rules to create more engaging games

● Publish games on the Roblox platform

Prerequisites: Some previous exposure to block-based coding (Scratch / App Inventor 2)

Intermediate Level: Be a creator (Ages: 10-13)

This course will help to enhance understanding of Lua, the coding language used to create Roblox Games. This involves diving deeper into the concepts of computer programming. Students will be making games by using drag-and-drop tools, but also directly using the script object with Lua in Roblox Studio.

  • Creating models in Roblox
  • Learn programming through Lua (block-based and syntax)
  • Assists the transition from a graphical programming language to syntax-based programming
  • Practise creating games in teams
  • Publish games on the Roblox platform

Prerequisites: Coding experience preferable

Class arrangements during Covid-19 restrictions : This class has been changed to real-time online mode as the Education Bureau confirmed to suspend face-to-face classes and activities for private schools offering a non-formal curriculum (commonly known as "tutorial schools"). The date and time of our classes will remain the same.

初級 : 遊戲設計 (8至10歲組別)


  • 熟悉在Roblox中設計遊戲
  • 透過Lua編程語法,學習編程基礎
  • 應用遊戲設計規則來創建更具吸引力的遊戲
  • 於Roblox平台發佈遊戲

入學要求: 對積木編碼有基本認識

中級 : 遊戲創造者 (10至13歲組別)


  • 在Roblox中創建模型
  • 通過Lua學習不同的編程
  • 學習進階的編程語言
  • 練習團隊設計遊戲
  • 於Roblox平台發佈遊戲

入學要求: 具有編碼經驗者優先

疫情下課堂安排: 由於教育局已宣布暫停非正規課程的私立學校(一般稱為補習學校)的面授課堂,此課堂已更改為實時網上課堂,日期及時間將維持不變。

Course Details 活動詳情


SM8RA  (Ages 8-10)   PM 21-24 DEC 

SM8RB  (Ages 10-13) PM 28-31 DEC


SM8RA (Ages 8-10)  1430-1800 

SM8RB(Ages 10-13) 1430-1800

Price: HK$3300
費用: 港幣3300元
Language: English
教學語言: 英語
Class Size: 5 students
班級人數: 每班5人
Course Module:

Online class




Students need to bring their own laptop (Windows/Mac), charger and mouse.