Minecraft Creator in Winter

Minecraft Creator in Winter | 冬日Minecraft程式員

Ages 8-12


Minecraft Creator in Winter (Level 1)

In this workshop, campers will learn to use basic coding concepts and then apply them for game creation, storytelling and problem solving. They will also sharpen their language skills by presenting their ideas in English.

  • By using MakeCode, kids will use the power of programming to automate a construction in the 3D world.
  • Learn coding concepts like variables, conditionals, and strings, while developing spatial and logical thinking skills
  • Use design thinking and programming skills to create amazing structures and mini-games in Minecraft

Minecraft Creator in Winter (Level 2)

In this workshop, campers will learn to apply more advanced-level coding concepts to create super cool mini-games, build a gladiator arena, and tinker with game-play settings. They will also sharpen their language skills by presenting their Ideas in English.

  • Further build on coding concepts like loops, Boolean, conditionals and functions
  • Gain a better understanding of 3D design to help become a Modding expert
  • Create advanced player-vs-player mini-games and nuanced contraptions with the use of programming

Class arrangements during Covid-19 restrictions

This class has been changed to real-time online mode as the Education Bureau confirmed to suspend face-to-face classes and activities for private schools offering a non-formal curriculum (commonly known as "tutorial schools"). The date and time of our classes will remain the same.

在這個Level 1 工作坊,學生們將學習Minecraft的操控和建設的基本知識,並應用於遊戲設計、說故事及解難。工作坊以英語授課,學生可透過以英語表達自己概念而提升語言能力。

  • 通過使用MakeCode,孩子們將利用編程的力量來自動化3D世界中的建構。
  • 學習編碼概念,例如變量和條件等,同時發展空間和邏輯思維能力
  • 利用設計思維和編程技能,在Minecraft中設計不同的的結構和迷你遊戲

在這個Level 2 工作坊,學生將學習應用更高級的編碼概念來創建進階的迷你遊戲,了解更多的遊戲設置。工作坊以英語授課,學生可透過以英語表達自己概念而提升語言能力。

  • 學習進階的編碼概念,如loops, Boolean等
  • 深入理解3D設計,以幫助學生成為Modding專家
  • 通過編程創建進階的迷你遊戲



Course Details 活動詳情


SM8MB (Level 1)    AM 21-24 DEC 

SM8MC  (Level 2)    PM 28-31 DEC


SM8MB (Level 1 ) 1000-1200

SM8MC (Level 2)  1400-1600


SM8MB , SM8MC :  InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Price: HK$1640
費用: 港幣1640元
Language: English
教學語言: 英語教學
Class Size: 5 students
班級人數: 每班5人
Course Module:

online class




Students need to bring their own laptop, charger and mouse